Monday 15 May 2023

Hoping for better weather

We spent the day still in Newlyn, with a brisk and cold northerly wind. No new gaffers have arrived today so we still have Recipe, Lahloo, Indian Runner and Susan J for company. Tomorrow the wind is predicted to be just as northerly but rather more gentle, so we are hoping to be off in the morning.
We spent the day quietly in Newlyn. This is a lovely little harbour dating back to the fifteenth century, but was enlarged with new harbour walls constructed in 1887/8. The picture shows the harbour today with many fishing boats of varying sizes and a few yachts.
We walked to Mousehole with its quaint village and miniature harbour. There are memorials everywhere there of a tragic disaster in 1981 when the Solomon Browne lifeboat which was stationed nearby was lost with all her crew attempting a rescue in a storm in the middle of winter -a reminder of the hazards lifeboatmen face even today with the best equipment that is available.

We have filled up with fuel, water and food, so are ready to be off tomorrow if things look hopeful in the morning. 

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