Monday 8 May 2023

Lyme Bay and Dartmouth

We left Studland Bay at midnight to get the tide and had a reasonably quick journey so far as a point 3 miles off Portland Bill. It was a clear moonlit night, as as the sun rose over the horizon we saw a rainbow high in the western sky.After the excitement of passing Portand Bill, the long trek across the fifty miles or so of Lyme Bay can be a bit of an ordeal. We had strong SSW winds and at one point had to take in several reefs. There were clouds of spray and solid water over the boat and plenty of damp below. Then we had thick fog with visibility at times probably less than two hundred yards. In very poor visibility we cautiously approached the rocky entrance to Dartmouth. Even with GPS this sort of thing is difficult: without GPS it would virtually impossible.
We found 2 boats from The OGA Round Britain fleet already here - Swift and Step Back in Time.

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