Thursday 11 May 2023

Sutton Harbour

We left Dartmouth at first light - about 4.30am- to catch the tail end of the tide. We had a good sail in moderate winds down to Start Point. After that the trip followed a pattern that is becoming familiar on this cruise - fog, rain and head winds. Usually we seem to have been experiencing one of these at any one time and often more. Eventually we got to Plymouth Sound which is all pleasantly familiar as I kept a boat here for a year.
The SW Old Gaffers had arranged for us to berth in Sutton Harbour which is in the most picturesque part of town. Bonita berthed alongside our old friends Dave and Julie in Susan J. Many of the assembled Gaffers were dressed overall with flags proving a fine spectacle.
We all assembled for supper later. Everyone is naturally a bit anxious about the weather for crossing the Bristol Channel but that is still a few days away. There was good food, drink, conversation and musical entertainment. But a little of this goes quite a long way after a 4am start.

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