Friday 19 May 2023


Bonita spent the day in Nayland. Several other Gaffers turned up during the day including Susan J, Cygnet, and Martin and his dog Jack on Charlotte Elizabeth. There was a strong northerly wind all day.
 Nayland is completely sheltered, but the northerlies are predicted to last for pretty much as far as the forecasters can forsee, which is concerning.
Geoff left us yesterday as he has to go to a wedding, and Jerry and I spent the day pottering about the boat, talking to other gaffers and seeing something of the neighbourhood. We have been well cared for while we are here by the members of the Bristol Channel OGA who have put a lot of effort into making our visit a success. We had supper in the marina restaurant and were entertained until late in the evening by the excellent Swinging Nettles quartet. (The seats in the picture were soon filled.)

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