Tuesday 2 May 2023


After leaving Ramsgate at 4am we thought it best to carry on and by 11pm we were off Beachy Head motoring against a light head wind. Part of the reason we carried on all night was because the forecast promised an easterly breeze. It was a bit late in coming but off Brighton we got a nice NE wind which shifted round to the east and blew all day. We got to Gosport by high water, 10.30 am. But we decided not to stay as Justin needed to go home for a couple of days. So we had a fine sail to Cowes and Bonita is now berthed at Shepards wharf where the Gaffers are gathering later in the week. 
As always Cowes is full of interesting people, shops and boats even though the sailing season hasn't really got going yet.
There are some pretty extreme boats to be seen as in the picture. What are the chances someone will still be keeping her in sailing condition in a hundred years time?

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