Sunday 7 May 2023

Studland Bay

This morning started misty with very little wind. Sadly D had to work and went back home on the train, or rather the Sunday version the 'rail replacement bus'. Justin and I left Cowes on Bonita at about 7.30am. There was little sign of life among the Gaffers at that time. By the time the west-going tide started, about midday, we were off Yarmouth, and a moderate head wind sprung up. We are keen to get to Plymouth in time for the next gaffer gathering if possible, but its tedious trying to make progress against head winds and spring tides. The tide was almost spent by the time we got to the Dorset coast so we stopped in Studland Bay near the Old Harry rocks.
Rather than anchoring here as we have in the past, we tied up to an ecologically friendly buoy. The sea bed here is rich in sea grass, but this is a popular anchorage and the anchors disturb the grass. Rather than anchoring we are encouraged to tie up to an eco-mooring. I think it's much the same as any other mooring really but only disturbs the sea bed once when it gets installed. 
SW winds are forecast for the next few days but we hope there may be an opportunity to move further west before too long.

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