Wednesday 17 May 2023

Lands End

We have spent 3 days in Newlyn waiting for better weather, and yesterday evening we were joined by our friend Jerry who has come over from Canada for the experience of sailing with the Gaffers. There was quite a gathering of gaff rigged boats in Newlyn harbour and some anchored outside and this morning we all left at about 6.30am. Its sunny, the wind is still northerly, but much lighter and may change in direction later.
The picture shows Geoff and Jerry with a background of the Longships lighthouse off Lands End. 
This was not the first Longships lighthouse: the first one was built in 1795 and was sketched by Daniell for his book.
Previously these dangerous rocks had been unlit.The old lighthouse was shorter than the present one and sometimes obscured by high seas. The current lighthouse was built in 1869 and the old one dismantled.
We are now heading northerly towards the Welsh coast nearly a hundred miles away.

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