Saturday, 15 June 2013

A trip round the bay

Today the gaffers at Stornoway were ably organised by Gerald Hales for an outing in open water outside the harbour. It was blowing quite hard from the NE, but there was a good turnout and everyone had a fine sail with plenty of spray and water on deck. The photos give an impression of the day with all the boats sailing well. 

The sgoth Jubilee

We were very interested to see the little open lugger (a Sgoth) with her crew mastering the intricacies of sailing with a dipping lug. Non-sailing readers only need to know that the dipping lug rig is fast but sadly is almost obsolete as the rig is difficult to handle and needs a large skilled crew. For this reason in the days of sail the lug rig used to be popular with smugglers and pirates and with those whose job it was to catch them.  The picture shows the little lugger going well and we also took some video of her which can be seen on Bonita's YouTube channel here.

Bonita photographed by Edgar on the Lugger

In the evening there was prize giving in Lewis’ Bar (Bonita got an elegant locally made bowl as the prize for ‘style and grace’) and progressed to further festivities in Windbreker's commodious and welcoming cabin.

El Vigo

Gerald had been very efficient in organising our stay in Stornoway and we were particularly pleased as we were all presented with elegant burgees made of Harris Tweed and inscribed ‘OGA 50  Stornoway 2013’. Harris Tweed is very durable but does tend to be a little heavy when wet.


It needs a good breeze to get the burgee fluttering properly.  Coincidentally during our stay we have had no shortage of wind.

Tantina 2

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