Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Southward Bound

The wind had eased a little by 6pm in Kirkwall and we managed to get Bonita off the pontoon by motoring astern at full throttle. We had some help from the concerned couple in the boat astern, and the manoeuvre was completed without damage to paint, gel coat or dignity. We then had a fine sail with a brisk NW wind through the String channel, and safely past the dreaded Pentland Firth with its tides and eddies that in places are rumoured to reach 16 knots.

We were sorry to be leaving the Orkneys and their marvellous island scenery, but pleased to be able to take advantage of a Northerly wind for once.

The picture shows the view from the cockpit looking due north at midnight. with the sun waiting just below the horizon.

It seemed easier to sail right across the Moray Firth rather than sticking to the coast, and as this blog is written we are off Peterhead heading south with a fair tide.

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