Friday, 7 June 2013

Awaiting crew in Tobermory

A day spent in Tobermory. We spent some time doing the sort of catching up jobs that are needed from time to time: going to the launderette, stocking up on food and fuel, etc. 
There is lots going on in Tobermory which though quite small is the largest town for a long way. The main street by the harbour has plenty of shops that are interesting or useful and often both, with none of the usual high street chain stores. It was a bright sunny day with lots of boats coming and going in the harbour. We were interested to see one elderly yacht being expertly sailed into the harbour by its single handed owner of similar age. The skipper of this little boat was properly dressed in his kilt and the boat was of course equally Scottish having been built on the Clyde.
We met up with Trevor's sister Chris and her husband Martin who recommended the Cafe Fish restaurant on the quayside. This got the 2012 Good Food Guide award for the best fish restaurant in the UK. It is indeed both very good and very popular, although we heard one customer disappointed that they did not sell cod and chips.
Tomorrow we are getting new crew: Tim and Trev are coming from Surrey. We have had lots of emails and phone calls about the difficulty of getting here by public transport but never mind. This is a very pretty place to wait and no doubt they will get here eventually.

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