Wednesday, 12 June 2013


We left Portree at 3am planning to go towards Stornoway. Contrary to the comments in previous blogs it was dark and overcast at 3am. However we were tempted out by an apparant Easterly wind and a reasonably favourable forecast. However once out of Portree things didn't look so good. The wind was north and the visability down to a few hundred yards at time.  More daylight and things were Not much better. We didn't want to go back to Portree partly because the visitor moorings there are very congested, and we felt we had seen pretty much all of it yesterday. We therefore went about 8 miles north to the very small natural harbour on the south end of Rona. The entrance to this rocky harbour looks completely impossible until you see the white arrow helpfully painted on one of the rocks to indicate the entrance. After that its relatively easy apart from the unmarked rocks in the middle of the channel. Not an entrance we would have attempted without the chart plotter! Once in we anchored, went ashore and, in the pouring rain, climbed up the biggest hill we could see to get mobile phone contact for posting this blog entry. Better weather soon we hope.
Extreme blogging. Bonita can just be seen behind.

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