Sunday, 16 June 2013

Sunday in Stornoway

Sunday is rather diffferent in Stornoway. There are no shops open at all and the only places where there is any activity seem to be the hotels (a loophole in the regulations since they are also open to non-residents) and of course the churches.  There is hardly anyone out on the streets.

Tim and Trev spent the morning busily accessing the internet and I worked on a couple of minor deck leaks over the crews sleeping quarters. These had become evident during the recent rain and the crew had very kindly lost no time in bringing the matter to my attention.

We had a proper Sunday lunch at the Royal Hotel in the excellent company of Barry Healas who in his quiet diplomatic way has done so much to make the OGA Round Britain cruise happen.
View of Stornoway from the castle grounds: gaffers against the quay.

We feel ready to move on and have been reading up about the hazards around Cape Wrath and the Orkney islands. There seem to be very many of these hazards. The OGA fleet is supposed to be going to Shetland but we think that the shorter trip to Orkney would be more sensible for an elderly lady like Bonita with her low freeboard and open cockpit. However the wind has been NE for the last few days which is unhelpful. We have been promised a change soon but quite when, no-one knows.

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