Thursday, 6 June 2013


We woke in Tobermory to a bright sunny day with no wind at all. Therefore rather than spend the day under motor in the boat we hired a car and motored around the island. We took a ferry to Iona where we looked around the Abbey. This was were St Columba settled in the sixth century, and there are many notices reminding you of his influence which spread far beyond the island. However none of the buildings from his day survive: some are from the 13th century and have been much restored. Columba's original settlement was repeatedly raided by the Vikings and would have been almost impossible to defend. There is an interesting museum with lots of medieval stone carvings. 
Much of the Island of Mull has marvelous scenery with deep lochs and ancient rugged mountains.

Remarkably, this far north, it does not get dark at night in June. The sun goes down, and twilight sets in but it never really gets dark. It gives an odd feel to the evenings if you are not used to it. Its now 11pm and still quite light.
Naiad and Tatiana II arrived in Tobermory today so the gaffers are gathering for moving further north.

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