Tuesday, 4 June 2013


We left Gigha about 7am and had a gentle sail that ended up under engine as the wind died. We sailed up
Jura Sound to Ardfern, and at every turn there is the most spectacular scenery. The pilot book is full of horrifying tales of hidden rocks and vicious tides, but in practice with a bit of care and common sense the navigation generally works out OK - at least it has so far. Ardfern is a well equipped marina reputedly patronised by royalty. We have come here, rather than anchoring in some remote bay for two reasons. Partly because I wanted to buy some more charts. I had been persuaded that buying a modern chart plotter would mean I could economise on charts. This doesn't seem to be true. The chart plotter is a marvellous thing and enables you to get out of difficult situations that you would never had got into in the days before electronic navigational aids. However I found I had come with fewer charts than I felt comfortable with, and the fine chandlers at Ardfern was a good place to get some more. Our other reason for coming here is that Jon, our stalwart and uncomplaining crew and new convert to gaffer sailing, has run out of time. Jon joined us in Dublin and has been of great help on some difficult trips, but sadly has to go home tomorrow. The photo shows us in Ardfern with Jon in his prized Beckett Rankine sponsored rugby shirt.

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