Wednesday, 26 June 2013


We were tempted to take a big step south by persistent forecasts predicting strong northerly winds. In reality these never showed up and we  motored in calm seas so much I was seriously worried we might run out of fuel.

The picture shows Bell Rock lighthouse, located on a low drying rock in the river Tay approaches outside Dundee. This is the oldest lighthouse exposed to the sea in the UK and was built between 1807 and 1811 by Robert Stephenson, a famous builder of lighthouses. It's hard to appreciate the problems of lighthouse building before the age of steam. Every piece of the structure would have to be taken out by rowing boat or small sailing boat, with work only possible at low tide and in calm conditions. The lighthouse is now automated and we saw a team servicing it from a launch.

We eventually crossed the Firth of Forth to Eyemouth. This has an approach channel surrounded on both sides by rocks looking like dragons' teeth. It is a picturesque little town and still very much an active fishing port. Here I hope to be able to get some supplies for the boat and another crew change.

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