Friday, 1 July 2016

Boat Maintenance in Västervik

We took Calismarde to the excellent and very efficient Pampas marina early this morning and had her lifted out for attention to some leaking seams. These we raked out, recaulked, stopped and painted while she was standing on the quayside. 

We felt pleased with the days work but the test will be when she is lifted back into the water tomorrow morning. Bonita had a rest day while all this was going on.
We looked round Västervik during the day as we needed to buy some supplies. This used to be a busy commercial port, but the commerce has largely moved away and the port now houses four yacht marinas.
We have seen very few traditional boats while in the Baltic, and most of the ones we have seen have been small craft ashore in museums. However at the quayside in Västervik we found Vega, a three masted Baltic Trader dating from 1891. She seems in good condition and well looked after and apparently makes long distance voyages.

Finally, Trevor our IT guru has made repeated requests that the blog should include some pictures of Swedish girls. The third photo shows two of Vega's female crew members hard at work renewing the ratlines in her rigging.

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