Monday, 11 July 2016

Sunday in Karlskrona

I am sorry to say that during our stay in Sweden we have learnt hardly any words of Swedish. This of course is because almost all Swedes speak excellent English - as is the case in so many Northern European countries. Quite often when you ask 'do you speak English?' the answer in perfect pronounciation is "of course...". There are lots of visiting German yachtsmen  and you hear them talking to the Swedes in English.

Its very common in to see foreign owned yachts with English names. Sometimes though the names are not quite what a native English speaker might have chosen. Examples we have seen recently have been a Swedish yacht called 'Make Me Smile'  and another called  'White Spirit'.

We are still in Karlskrona due to Calismarde's engine trouble. Despite several hours work this has defied the skills of our two untrained amateur diesel engineers today. We very much hope to find a proper engineer who can fix it tomorrow.

In trying to get the engine sorted we can of course be grateful that we are in a mainland town and not on one of the remote islands we have visited on this trip. The picture was taken by Dave and shows a small part of the small boat display in the excellent Maritime Museum here. Many of the boats on display are a lot younger than Bonita.
Small boats in Maritime Museum

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