Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Heading South

We left Vastervik this morning with Martha as crew. Here she is steering Bonita through the dramatic Sparosound between the islands of Grono and Sparo.
Martha at the helm

Martha steered Bonita for most of today allowing the skipper to fret about other things such as navigation. Tonight we are back in Figeholm where we last were 5 days ago.  Any remaining readers of this blog should be reassured that we do not intend that the journey home should just be a simple reversal of our outward trip. However some repeat visits cannot be avoided.

We like Figeholm for several reasons. It is quaint, rural and peaceful which produces some beautiful sunsets. It is relatively easy to moor up at a berth without complex manoeuvres that risk damage. But also it lies at the end of the most intricate and complicated winding rock-strewn channel. Navigating this safely requires two or three hours of intense concentration, so when you get to Figeholm it seems like a real achievement.

We may try some more open water sailing tomorrow as a sort of light relief.

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