Saturday, 16 July 2016

Gislövs läge

Several of the harbours in southern Sweden are affected by a fragrance said to be due to rotting seaweed. No doubt the absence of tidal flow is part of the cause, but we did not notice the same unfortunate problem in the archipelago. Maybe it's a different type of seaweed. Abbakas, for all its reputation as the home of a wide variety of roses, does seem to be particularly affected by this.

We left this morning on a brisk SW wind and after a few hours tacking to windward we arrived at Gislövs läge. This is a small yachting harbour a couple of miles from Trelleborg which is a major ferry port. This was our furthest East point in my 1973 trip in the 15ft Asphodel. The local paper at that time interviewed us and ran an article asking if this was the smallest boat ever to come from England.

The harbour seemed much more crowded than I remember it then. Indeed it was virtually full today and as we came in with a strong wind behind us it was difficult to see somewhere suitable to stop. As the picture shows, we tied up fairly unceremoniously at the fishing boat quay and no one has told us we can't stay here.

This used to be an old fishing port and there is a floating museum of the traditional inshore fishing boats known as snipa boats. The oldest dates from 1915. These are all kept afloat and in working condition which is the best way to preserve old wooden boats.

We are here for a crew change for both boats so tomorrow will probably be spent tidying up.

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