Wednesday, 20 July 2016


We left Klintholm after buying some genuine Danish pastries for breakfast. Today we had light westerly winds but were able to sail close hauled to Gedser. This is a town at the most southerly point of Denmark, on the island of Falster. There are ferries running from here to Germany. The yacht harbour is a mile or so from the ferry port, and is separated from the port by a nature reserve which apparently is the home to a rare breed of toad. We visited the reserve but saw no toads.

Having an excellent crew of three we decided, when we came into the harbour, to attempt to get Bonita into a box berth, looping long ropes over posts as we headed towards the pontoon. It all went reasonably well which may be because we are getting better at this sort of thing, or maybe perhaps because there was very little crosswind to upset the manoeuvre.

We thought the prices in the local restaurant seemed a bit steep with the pound in its weakened state,  so Julie cooked a fine supper with both crews (8 people) on board Bonita to the amusement of people on nearby, but less crowded, boats.
Bonita and Calismarde successfully in the box berths. Calismarde's crew are (L-R)  Ellen, Megan, Martha and Geoff

Sadly Dave and Julie have to leave tomorrow- we came here partly because we thought a ferry port would have good rail links for them, but then discovered that the train service had been discontinued in 2009. However they should be able to get to Copenhagen somehow from here tomorrow.

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