Thursday, 14 July 2016

Hanö 2 - with video!

We left Karlskrona at 8 and motored a few miles through the islands before getting out to the open sea. This is effectively the southern end of the Swedish archipelago, which contains many thousands of islands and stretches up to Finland. The bits of the archipelago we saw are fun and very pretty but the tortuous narrow rock strewn channels can cause many anxious moments for those used to more open waters. We asked in a local boatyard how often they get asked to repair yachts that have hit the rocks: "all the time.." was the reply.

We were relieved that it does seem that Calismarde's engine has now been fixed and it gave no trouble today.
The wind was a bit west of south but that was just enough for us to get to the lovely island of Hanö sailing close hauled. Dave and Julie were looking after Bonita while I did odd jobs and sat around. The video clip below shows us as we were approaching Hanö.

We were here a few weeks ago but the little harbour today was almost completely full with visiting yachts We rafted up four boats out from the wall with scarcely enough space for the ferry to get by. The small amount of empty space in the picture gets almost entirely used up when the ferry turns round in the harbour. The captain of the ferryboat must often think how much simpler the world would be if there were no yachts or amateur sailors.
Hanö Harbour

We swam in the sea and looked around some of the island before having supper on the boats while watching the sun set. Hanö is very pretty but it's small and not somewhere you would wish to spend a long time.  The track below shows our trip up and down the East side of Sweden over the last 15 days:
Bonita's Track 26 June - 11 July

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