Saturday, 25 June 2016


Bonita is, for the present, still in the EU, in Eastern Swedish waters.
Karlskrona is ringed round with dozens of rocky islands which must add to the complexity of defending it as a naval base.  No doubt every ship movement, including those of slow moving old gaffers, is noted somewhere. A few years ago a Soviet submarine ran aground on these rocks while engaged in an unspecified activity. This created some political excitement at the time. Presumably we only hear about these episodes when something has gone very wrong.
Bergkvara harbour's very narrow entrance

We spent this morning threading around many rocky islands as we left Karlskrona. The channels are intricate and surrounded with rocks but well marked with buoys. This would not be a good place to be lost in fog or on a dark night. Some of the islands are nature reserves but many have holiday homes on them: sometimes just a single house and a quay on a tree covered piece of rock.

We had a light weather sail and are now in the very small harbour of Bergkvara, a few miles further up the coast.

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