Thursday, 9 June 2016


Frisian island sailing is a bit different. The main problem is sometimes not so much getting along the chain of islands, but more in negotiating the complex waterways lying between each island.  Strong currents run as the water covering vast areas of sand gets funnelled into narrow channels.  It's possible to cut inside the islands, but both our boats are too deep draught to make this a realistic option.  
Today we got up at 5am to catch the tide from Terschelling.  It was quite rough outside the islands with a heavy swell that has been produced by weeks of northerly winds.  We had the tide against us in the gap between Ameland and Schiermonnikoog, but finally ended up in the little port of Lauwersoog on the Dutch mainland. Many of the place names around here seem quite extraordinary.

Lauwersoog is a small fishing port with few facilities. However it does have a yacht marina that is almost completely empty - a most unusual find. 
The local restaurant rather oddly stopped serving food at 7pm, but we walked a little way to find another more attuned to the needs of its customers.

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