Thursday, 2 June 2016


The jet stream in the upper atmosphere seems to have become fragmented and disorderly at present and no longer performs its proper function of moving weather systems along from west to east. So while Denmark is apparently enjoying pleasant weather, the poor sailor on the Suffolk coast has to put up with strong cold winds coming straight down from the arctic and much of France and Germany is experiencing severe flooding. However it does look as though things might get a bit better tomorrow for a North Sea crossing.

Today the wind was too strong for the ferry over to Harwich to run, so we took the bus to Ipswich. There among the many coffee shops and restaurants in the historic area around the docks.  We found one which opened only yesterday - the Grazing Sheep. Everything was new and the staff were busy and bubbling over with ideas and enthusiasm. We are happy to recommend it and we wish it well in a very competitive environment.

We then went to Fox's Chandlery shop as Geoff needed a couple of things for his boat. This is one of the best equipped chandlers we have seen and there were many temptations for five unsupervised yachtsmen let loose there. The second picture shows the team emerging from the chandlers with their new acquisitions.

Over supper in The Shipwreck restaurant we spread out charts and talked over routes and courses for if and when the better weather comes.

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