Thursday, 23 June 2016


While we have been hearing distressing stories of thunderstorms, flooding and referendum hysteria at home, we have been enjoying more summery weather. The first picture shows a few of the very many sparrows on Hanö enjoying some crumbs from a digestive biscuit on Bonita's deck. Note that the sea is completely calm. 

We started out this morning under motor but later a reasonable breeze came up. We threaded a complicated but well marked channel through many rocky islands and  we are now at Karlskrona.  It is the principal base for the Swedish navy and there are old defensive forts on many of the outlying islands.  
There are some fine public buildings dating from the mid eighteenth century, and a maritime museum (pictured) with exhibits both ashore and afloat.

There is much celebration of midsummer and even quite humble boats are decked out with vegetation as their owners take off to small outlying islands for the night to mark the occasion in suitable style.  

In the city several streets have been closed to traffic and there are crowds of people enjoying the stalls and various entertainments.  All the bars and restaurants are full but we managed to get a meal near the harbour.

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