Monday, 6 June 2016


Today was a fine sunny day. We left Amsterdam and locked out of the canal to enter the Markermeer, the southern portion of the old Zuider Zee. Many Amsterdammers were out in all sorts of boats on a fine Sunday and there were sails spread right across the horizon. There were several traditional Dutch craft and we saw three square-riggers progressing sedately under all sail. 

Our journey took us about 20 miles due north into a fresh northerly breeze, but with warmth and sunshine this was just a pleasant sail rather than a test of character.

The Markermeer is fresh water and Dave took the opportunity to give the boat a proper clean and rinse out some of the North Sea salt. By evening we had arrived at Enkhuizen but by then the restaurants had closed so we had a convivial supper on Calismarde.

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