Tuesday, 21 June 2016


We looked around Ystadt this morning and as it was a bit wet and blustery we were uncertain about leaving harbour. However we were glad we did because after a bit of rough water in the harbour entrance we had a fine sail. The rain stopped, the sun came out and though the wind was a bit squally the boats were going well. By about 4pm we got to the little fishing town of Simrishamn, so now we are in Eastern Sweden.
It is beginning to seem a long way from home.

Every harbour you go to here the harbourmaster gives you a coloured sticker to put in the rigging to show you've paid. I hadn't come across this before but we collected our first coloured payment sticker in Terschelling and we now have quite a collection in the mizzen rigging. We should have quite a lot eventually.

We explored Simrishamn which seems a lively little town. It has a fine solidly built church, dating from 1161 and subsequently extended several times. Among the decorations there are a couple of high quality models of sailing ships suspended from the roof. We have seen this in Danish churches as well: these are nineteenth century votive ships, and were presented to the church by local fishermen and ship owners.

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